I am on a journey towards financial independence, meaning a position where I don’t have to trade my time in return for money and where I can choose to live wherever I want.

I’m currently three years in to this challenge and thought I’d start a blog as some interesting challenges and achievements are coming up along the way. I’ve also studied the wealth of personal finance blogs out there already on the same subject and have gained a lot from them. I thought it would be a good idea to get involved myself, share some experience and hopefully inspiration with others over this journey.

The first step for anyone without a plan for financial independence is to get one – it really is so powerful. When I sat infront of my computer one Sunday morning in 2014, created my budget tool and dragged the weekly columns out to 2030 it was as insightful as it was daunting. Three years in there is still a long way to go for me, but I can definitely see progress and time is really flying by. See the story behind how project 2 came into existence, how I got a handle on my in’s and out’s, and started this journey.

I’m just starting out on the blog and would welcome any thoughts, comments, advice via the Contact page.